Rob Thompson

Associate Professor of Mathematics


R. Thompson, S. Hempel-Costello, Z. Johnson, E. K. Schwartz, S. Stevenson, E. Weston, M.-E. Baylor, Simulated formation of UV-cured polymer lenses on aqueous substrates, Proc. SPIE 12215, Optical Modeling and Performance Predictions XII (2022). (DOI) (pdf)
P. Illig, Q. Yu and R. Thompson, Application of integral invariants to apictorial jigsaw puzzle assembly, Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision (2022). (DOI) (arXiv:2109.06922)
M. Manivel, M. Silva and Thompson, R., Iterative respacing of polygonal curves, SN Computer Science (2022). (DOI) (arXiv:2109.03908)
101 Careers in Mathematics: Fourth Edition, D. Haunsperger and R. Thompson, Editors, Classroom Resource Materials: 64, MAA Press (2019).
S. Preston and R. Thompson, Polarized harmonic mappings and optimal moving frames, Atti Della Accademia Peloritana Dei Pericolanti (2019). (DOI) (pdf)
R. Thompson and F. Valiquette, Group foliation of finite difference equations, Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation (2018). (DOI) (pdf)
A. Grim, T. O'Connor, P.J. Olver, C. Shakiban, R. Slechta, and R. Thompson, Automatic reassembly of three-dimensional jigsaw puzzles, Int. J. of Image and Graphics (2016). (DOI) (pdf)
R. Thompson and F. Valiquette, Group foliation of differential equations using moving frames, Forum of Mathematics: Sigma (2015). (DOI) (pdf)
R. Thompson and F. Valiquette, On the cohomology of the invariant Euler-Lagrange complex, Acta Applicandae Mathematicae (2011). (DOI) (pdf)
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