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CS 312 W2020 Class Web Site

Carleton Services

  • 1977 - 2014 teaching in the Music Department
  • 1990 - 2001 Carleton men's golf coach
  • 2014 retired as Senior Lecturer in Music
  • 2016 visiting instructor in Computer Science CS312 Audio Programming C++ W2016
  • 2020 visiting instructor in Computer Science CS312 Audio Programming C++ W2020

Courses Taught at Carleton

My DIY Modular Synth

I've been studying electronics in retirment and am building a "Moog" sytle modular synthesizer from scratch.

My DIY Modular Synth


  • MIDI Programming
  • Writing Music Education Software
  • Playing the computer as a musical instrument
  • Digital Audio and DSP programming
  • Arduino, Teensy MIDI devices
  • Analog synthesis

Commercial Educational Software

  • MiBAC JAZZ Macintosh (Pascal first, later C++)
  • MiBAC JAZZ Windows (Borland Delphi Object Pascal)
  • MiBAC Music Lessons I Fundamentals Macintosh, (v1 Pascal, v2 C++ v2)
  • MiBAC Music Lessons I Fundamentals Windows (Visual Studio C++)
  • MiBAC Music Lessons II Chords and Harmony Macintosh, (C++ CodeWarrior, Xcode)
  • MiBAC Music Lessons II Chords and Harmony Windows, (C++ Visual Studio)
  • Jazz Rhythm Section Generator in Finale Macintosh (C++ Codewarrior)
  • Jazz Rhythm Section Generator in Finale Windows (Visual Studio C++)


  • 1983 The MIDI Specification came out in 1983.
  • 1986 January bought my first computer, a Macintosh Plus when it was one week old.
  • 1986 July I taught myself Pascal and wrote my first MIDI software program.
  • 1987 Founded MiBAC Music Software, Inc. MiBAC is an acronym Music Instruction By A Computer.
  • 1990-2012 Member of Apple Developer Association
  • 1990-2012 Member of Microsoft Developer Association
  • 1992-2006 Member of NAMM
  • 1991 MUSIC LESSONS received an "A+" review in Macworld magazine.
  • 1995 MUSIC LESSONS received the Software Award of Excellence from Technology and Learning Magazine
  • 2002-2003 Wrote the Jazz Rhythm Section Generator plugin for the Make Music's Finale 2002 and Finale 2003 music notation software.
  • 2008 Recession hit and the software business went south.
  • 2012 Closed MiBAC when four out of six programs stopped working and needed to be updated for Mac 10.7 and 64 bit Windows.

Software Tools Used

Pascal, C, C++, HTML, Perl, PHP, CGI, Bash, Python, Octave, Processing, OpenSoundControl (OSC), ChucK, Max
Operating Systems
Macintosh: 6.0 - 10.10.5, Windows: 3.1, 95, 98, XP, 7, Linux: RedHat, Fedora, and Ubuntu.
Lightspeed Pascal, Turbo Pascal, MPW Macintosh Programmers Workshop , MacApp , CodeWarrior versions 1-10 , XCode versions 1-7 , Windows 3.1 , Visual C++ 6 , Visual Studio , Borland Delphi , Arduino , Atmel Studio , Microchip , Emacs, Atom, VS Code
Version control systems
CVS , SVN , Git


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Created: 2019-12-10 Tue 17:00