The Structure and Symmetry of Metal Tris Chelates This site was originally posted in Journal of Chemical Education and has been recently updated (March 2014) to make compatible with HTML5/JSmol. The link to the materials at J. Chem. Educ. can be found here. This site is an interactive web site with 3D images for exploring the structure, symmetry and stereochemical properties of metal tris chelates;
An Animated/Interactive Overview of Molecular Symmetry and Symmetry Operations ; An Interactive Web Site with 3D Images for Exploring the Symmetry Operations and Symmetry Groups of Molecules. A Library of 43 3D-Images of Different Molecules is included for student examination. The Web site was designed to work with the first year course in chemistry at Imperial College London (and will be adpated for use at Carleton College in the Winter of 2005); Cass, M. E., Rzepa, H. S., Rzepa, D. R., Williams, C. K.; 2004
Different Structures and Symmetries for M(CH3)6 Complexes
Inorganic Chemistry (Chem 351)
The Berry Pseudorotation
Comps Animations
Chemistry 113: Concepts of Chemistry
Interesting Molecules
Chemistry 122: Introduction to Chemistry
Interesting Molecules
Molecular Orbital Theory C359-13
Molecular Orbital Theory C359-16
Molecular Orbital Theory C359-19
Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory 2013
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