MUSC 101 Music Fundamentals - Spring 2012

Unit 17

Homework Notes

Harmonizing a melody

The I, IV, and V chords contain every note of the major scale.

C Major Scale C D E F G A B C D
I chord C   E   G        
IV chord       F   A   C  
V chord   D     G   B   D

Sibelius Notes

Delete a measure(s)



Variety in the left hand

See 16MelodyAndAccompaniment

Make Layout Uniform

Say you want every line to have four measures.

Step 1.


Step 2.

Keep Bars Together

Say you want to keep a certain group of measures all in one line.

Step 1 - Select the measures you want to group.


Step 2.




Lecture - Analysis

Pachelbel Canon

D Major: I    V    vi    iii    IV    I    IV    V

[sib] [pdf]

Handel Passacaglia

G Minor: i    iv    bVII    bIII    bVI    iiº    V     i    (descending circle of fifths)

[sib] [pdf]

Final Exam Review

Final Exam Review


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