IDSC 100-01, Fall 2005

Writing Assignment #1

Due Friday Sept. 16, 5 pm


Assignment Goal

To uncover and articulate your own thinking about abrupt changes in climate and the human mind. There are no right or wrong answers here! Please faithfully record your own beliefs and thinking, before we start more learning in this course. You will be evaluated not on what you say, but on how clearly you communicate it. You will examine this piece of writing later in the term, and reflect back on how your course learning has changed your mind about the experiences you discuss here.


Part A: Write about a Mind Change Event

In ~2 pages (typed, double spaced), select a time when you changed your own mind. You can draw from any life experience: school, personal life, family life, friends, travel, etc. The choice is yours. Because you may not want to expose deeply private beliefs, pick a mind change event you can examine, describe, and share with your instructor.

Describe your thinking before and after the "mind change" and identify and describe important factors or experiences that led you to change your mind. Was your mind change fast, or a more incremental sort of process?


Part B: Response to Clips from "The Day After Tomorrow"

In ~2 pages (typed, double spaced), respond to what you saw in the movie clips. Do you believe these abrupt changes in climate could really happen or not, as depicted? Why or why not? Attempt to expose and describe the origin of your beliefs as well - where did you acquire your ideas about the climate's stability, pace of change, and ability to self-regulate?


Due Date

Friday Sept. 16 by 5pm. Submit both:



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