IDSC 100-01, Fall 2005

Project Consultation with Trish

Nov. 8 or 9


We will have about 45-60 min to talk. The purpose of this consultation is to provide you with support on your project and to help address questions you have about the ideas you are learning, or anything else.


Before this appointment, you are expected to spend time on your project, with your partner and alone, learning about your project topic.


Before you see Trish on Nov. 8 or 9:

1. Meet with your project partner(s). Go over resources obtained on your own or with Charlie/Ann on the Library Activity. Narrow the project focus to a tentative list of 4-6 sources (or a few more if you like) around your area of interest. [This list may change as you work on your project; that is both normal and acceptable.] Remember the outside source requirements for your project:
  • ONE fairly recent article from the original scientific literature related to abrupt climate change and your project focus
  • a total of at least 4-6 total sources
  • no more than 3 web sites
  • at least one book you can hold in your hands

2. Spend some time learning on your own, individually. Read your articles, take notes, write down questions that you have. Further define your project interest and focus as you go. Write down questions about things you'd like to know more about (see below).


Bring to your meeting with Trish, in print or written down:

1. Your key sources (articles, books, web sites)- print versions so we can look at them together.

2. A tentative idea about your project focus. What will you try to accomplish?

3. Questions you already have about your project topic.

4. Questions you have about the reading you have done.

5. Any other questions that you have.


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