IDSC 100-01, Fall 2005

Final Project: Library Resource Activity

Week of Nov. 1 (8th week)

Charlie Priore will work with you this week in small project groups on obtaining good sources for your final project. Charlie is a helpful and a fun guy. He will work with you in a very customized way in your project teams. Charlie has information about your projects. You can find Charlie at:

x 4415
or click here for his web page

Outside Source Requirements for the Final Project

You are required to find and use:

Charlie knows about these requirements, so he can help you find good sources.


Requirements for the Appointment with Charlie

The groups below should arrange to meet with Charlie for a 45 min appointment on Nov. 1-3 (Tues-Thurs). Please arrange this on your own with your group by contacting Charlie by email or phone ASAP. Charlie will come to class on Tuesday Nov. 2 so you can meet him, and we can take some time there to make appointments while we are all in the room with him (if needed).

  1. Rob Trettin, Phil Varela, Owen Latham, & Jay Melson (Akkadian collapse)
  2. Tsu-Hsin Chiao, Sarah Hayes, Caitlin Magnusson, & Galen Wetterling (Artic and/or N. Atlantic today & our future)
  3. Nick Netland, Vera Chang, Emily Green (Anasazi collapse in US Southwest)
  4. Nora Mahlberg & Katie Stanchak (Greenland Vikings collapse vs. Inuit survival)

Charlie has the following blocks of time available for you next week:


What You are Required to Bring to Your Appointment with Charlie

To make your appointment with Charlie productive, you are required to bring to your appointment with him:

  1. Articles, books and other info/sources you already have in hand (at least several). You are required to work with your partner to gather some initial resources, any way you know how. Google and electronic journals online (through the Gould Library web page) is a good way to start.
  2. Some idea of what you are most interested in on your project- it's focus. Again, a conversation with your partner(s) about your ideas and resources is in order before you see Charlie.

For those of you with similar projects (groups 1 &2 above), I would like the final projects to be complementary (avoid overlap in sources). You can start to negotiate this as you work with Charlie.


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