IDSC 100-01, Fall 2005

Instructor Contact Information




Phone: 507-646-4408 (office)

Office Hours (TBA):

Monday 12:30-2

Tuesday 3:15-5

Friday 2:15-3:15


Please feel free to catch me at other times, my door is open. My full schedule is posted outside my office doors. The safest thing to do is to call or email me and get an appointment if you cannot make office hours. My Wednesdays are very open for appointments.


Communicating over email :

Email is a great way to communicate with about issues in the course, or to pose simple questions. If you have a quick question that you would prefer to email, feel free. I will try to respond promptly. Complicated questions are best dealt with in person, through conversation. I often do email in the morning (8-10 am). An email sent late afternoon or evening may not get answered until the next day.




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