Mark Krusemeyer's Home Page

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Last updated: 4/1/2008)

If you are here by accident, it is just possible that you don't know that I teach in the Mathematics Department at Carleton College. And if you haven't been on campus for some years and you bypassed the departmental home page to get here, you might not know that we have a beautiful new building, the Center for Mathematics and Computing (CMC). My office is CMC 321. By the way, I am no longer the department chair (and haven't been for quite a while); Steve Kennedy is the current chair.

During the current academic year I am teaching the following classes:

Fall Term, 2007

Winter Term, 2008

Spring Term, 2008

During Winter Term, I also gave two lectures in the 1-credit Tour of Mathematics.

Meanwhile, I also teach recorder at Carleton, and eventually there might be several links here to websites related to Bach, Baroque music in general, early music in general, or the recorder in particular. For the moment, you can find out "all you ever wanted to know" about the recorder through Nicholas Lander's homepage in Australia.

Personal e-mail is always welcome. (Bulk e-mail usually isn't.) I would particularly like comments/corrections etc. for the Differential Equations textbook (you guessed it; there might be a link eventually) I've written; it was published by Macmillan and is therefore now being distributed by Prentice-Hall. There are other versions out there, but the shortest form of my e-mail address is Or you can call me at (507) 222-4064; the old number, (507) 646-4064, is still working also, but soon it won't be.