Joel Weisberg's Students at U.S. and Australian Telescopes

I. Arecibo Observatory, P.R.
(RIP, collapsed 2020 Dec 1)


Andrea L., Joel W., Bryan M., and Scott N. at Arecibo in 1990.
Andrea is now a physics & astronomy professor at Haverford;
Bryan is a Gemini Telescope Project Scientist in Chile; Scott did
an M.D.-Ph.D. program.

Click here for more student photos at Arecibo Observatory, P.R.

II. NRAO Very Large Array (VLA), N.M.


Mark A. joined me for pulsar observations at the Very Large Array

III. NRAO 300-foot, W.V.
(RIP, collapsed 1988 Nov 15)


John R. and Martha A. at the ill-fated 300 foot telescope at Green Bank, WV, summer 1985

Click here for more student photos at the NRAO 300-foot telescope in W.V.

IV. Parkes (Australia) 64-meter dish

Kassie W. and Kyle W. at the scope, September 2004.      Note the 3-story control structure under the dish.

kassie fronts parkes
kyle fronts parkes

Click here for more student pictures at the Parkes (Australia) 64-meter dish

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