MUSC 101 Music Fundamentals - Spring 2012

Unit 16 Composition Project

Write an original song for piano.

DUE BY 5:00 pm Monday 5/23

Send Sibelius score as email attachment to

I will look at them, offer suggestions, and return them to you by class on Tuesday 5/24. You can then make corrections as needed and email me the corrected Sibelius score by class time on Thursday. We'll play your songs in class on Thursday 5/26.


Your choice of song form

Blues (12 measures)

Ragtime (16 total measures, phrase three repeats phrase one so really only 12 measures to write)

ABA form ( 8 measures A, 8 measures B. Can have repetition within the question and answer phrase)

Original form (minimum of 16 measures, free form)


Your choice of key

Time Signature

Blues is "four four".

Ragtime is written in "two four" but has the feel of "four eight".

ABA form "two four" or "three four"

Original - your choice.

Chord Progression

Blues - refer to this.

Ragtime - refer to this.

ABA - refer to this. However, you can use the I IV and V chords in any order as long as the question phrase (measures 1-4) begins with the I chord, and the answer phrase (measures 5-8) ends with the V chord in measure 7 and the I chord in measure 8.

Original - whatever sounds good to you.


Single line right hand melody in Blues, Rag, and ABA form. Anything goes in original.

Blues melody uses notes from either the Rock blues (1 b3 3 5 6 b7) or the Minor blues (1 b3 4 #4 5 b7).

Rag melody uses the Major Pentatonic (1 2 3 5 6). You can also use the #2 note for color in the I chord.

ABA form uses notes of the major or minor scale starting on the chord root for that measure.

Original - whatever sounds good to you.

Be creative

DUE BY 5:00 pm Monday 5/23.

Send your Sibelius score as an email attachment to


Revised by John Ellinger, Spring 2012.