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Deborah S. Gross

Professor of Chemistry


Deborah Gross


B.A. Chemistry, 1991 
Haverford College 

Ph.D. Chemistry, 1996 
University of California, Berkeley 

Postdoctoral Fellow, 1996-1998 
University of California, Riverside

Contact Information:

Department of Chemistry
Carleton College
1 North College Street
Northfield, MN 55057

Office: Music Hall 303/304

Phone:   (507) 222-5629 (office)
FAX:     (507) 222-4400

E-Mail: dgross

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Teaching Interests:

Introductory, analytical, environmental and atmospheric chemistry (so far!).

Research Interests:

My interests lie in the study of ambient aerosol particles. I am interested in using real-time particle measuring instruments, such as the Aerosol Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer (ATOFMS) (invented by Professor Kimberly Prather at the University of California, San Diego) to learn more about airborne particulates. This instruments makes it possible to measure both the size and composition of ambient aerosol particles in real-time, from polydisperse samples. Now we can learn what the particles outside actually consist of, on an individual basis! Once we have a better understanding of where particles which we are breathing come from, as well as their chemical composition, it will be possible to better understand their effects on the environment and on human health.

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