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I've been a librarian since 2005, when Carleton College's Gould Library hired me as the Librarian for Languages and Literature. One of my favorite parts of this job is working closely with the students and faculty I serve, coming up with ways to effectively facilitate teaching and learning. It is so exciting to design learning activitiess, and then work with students throughout the course of their assignments and actually see the learning happen.

When I'm not in the library the time flies by as I read (preferably in a good coffee shop), write, cook, take walks (except during the middle of winter), watch TV, and play with my gigantic cat, Pippin. (Some day I will learn to read only one book at a time, but I haven't yet developed that skill.) Other hobbies I enjoy when I get the chance include swing dancing, knitting, weaving, spinning, cross stitching, and singing.

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BIGWIG Social Software Showcase: Introductin Meebo Rooms. Presented online for ALA 2007

Social Networking and the Library. Presented at the MN-Obe Winter Meeting with 4 other librarians (February 22, 2007)

"The Catalog of the Future." Presented at the MN-IUG Spring Meeting 2006 keynote address (June 1, 2006, St Olaf College).


Zhang, Jin and Iris Jastram. "A Study of Metadata Element Co-Occurrence." Online Information Review. 30.4 (2006): 428-453.

Zhang, Jin, and Iris Jastram. "A Study of the Metadata Creation Behavior of Different User Groups on the Internet." Information Processing and Management. 42.4 (2006):1099-1122.

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I often experiment with new online technologies to see how they may make my job or my student's research processes easier. Occasionally, I need a place to put examples such technologies up online. When this happens, I link to these experiments from my Ideas page.

Just For Fun

I like to put pictures of my cat (Pippin), flowers, events, and anything else that catches my eye up on Flickr. I also have a Facebook profile and a blog which chronicles my musings about libraries, education, technology, and anything else I feel like publishing for the world to see.